Study skills are imperative in the merging of various faculties of study. Often the volume of work for a young student can become both overwhelming and stressful, which often results in a disinterest to study or perform at their best. Our strategy is to provide the student with a basic understanding of a few studying techniques to improve their ability to process information and retain a better understanding of the given subject. What we have found is that there is a range in the psychology of students, select student will be able to excel through a deeper understanding whilst others through repetitive examples and practise. We provide comprehensive skills and expertise to our students empowering each learner to new dimensions of success. Students will be able to harness their true potential and gain academic success whilst employing techniques that best suite them.

Techniques Offered:

  • Establishing good study habits
  • Learning and remembering
  • Note taking techniques
  • Time management
  • Knowing what is important to learn
  • Testing yourself
  • Concentration
  • Mnemonics
  • Memory techniques
  • Association
  • Stress reduction tips
  • College motivation