Mathematics as a methodology and understanding of both the principle of logic and rationale is utilised in our day to day living.

The procurement of groceries, to the deeper understanding required for applying for home loans, car finance, life insurance and medical aid, the study of basic Mathematics is the foundation.

Learn Assist will endeavour to ignite a deeper understanding of mathematics and its daily application. Our aim is to impel and challenge the mathematical ideals of the students by integrating innovation, diligence, experience and technology in all areas of our teaching methods.

Our students will be empowered with step by step mathematical proficiency to awaken their minds and allow them to excel in all mathematical fields.

With our collective experience, our students will have the ability to overcome any mathematical impediment or excel where once limited. Our product offering includes guides for both Maths and Maths Literacy to which we have ensured that the all information provided is CAPS aligned.